Back in the early 90s I had a short lived film/video production company. The main cameras were a Canon L1 (HI8) and a CP16R (16mm film). Affordable digital cameras were a long way off. At the time video editing gear was evolving rapidly, but was very expensive. 16mm film was very cool, but prohibitively expensive. Unfortunately, the “expensive” part became a survival issue. The fledgling explosion of the WWW turned out to be a much better avenue for earning a living, so my love of capturing images got put on the back burner.

Fast forward… In April 2010, I jumped into digital and bought a Canon G11 with the intention of getting re-acquainted with photography. Daily “run and gun” shots ensued along my long work commute route. The blog was launched in August 2010.

GDub self-portrait

(iPhone selfie made at an airport during a 14 hour flight delay.)

For the day job, I’m a freelance programmer/web developer for Communication Arts magazine. Besides spending much of my “free” time honing my photography skills, I also moonlight as the guitarist with The Mad Maggies, a rowdy folk fusion band fronted by my wife Maggie. “GDub” is my nickname.

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